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High End Phono Preamplifier

Direct Coupling

(no capacitors in the signal path)

MM or MC versions

0.12dB RIAA tracking

<0.005% THD

Class A operation

Bandwidth: 10Hz-150kHz

Input impedance (MM): 

47kohm, 150pF

Input impedance (MC):

47 or  ohm

Gain (MM): 40dB

Gain (MC): 60dB

Gain and loading tailored to a specific cartridge at no charge

Passive RIAA

     0.5% resistors

     2% capacitors

Active offset Cancellation

Gold plated PCB

Steel case for EMI shielding

Price: $299.00



Identical to phono-1 plus the following improvements:

Super Low Noise Amplifiers

0.07dB RIAA tracking

0.1% RIAA resistors

1% RIAA capacitors

Price: $399.00


Complete design process outlined on the web!




















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