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All tubes eventually reach end of life and fail. Sometimes quietly, they just lose gain, and sometimes catastrophically, taking out protection fuse. We suggest that you do not wait for that fatal moment. Replacing tubes at regular intervals is the best way to ensure trouble free operation for many years. How often, it depends on your listening habits. We recommend replacing all the tubes every 18 months.

We support our customers by selling reasonably priced tested tubes for our products. Matched quads are easiest to use in the output stage and we do not charge premium over matched pairs. The tubes are guaranteed for thirty days after the date of sale.


You can chose between Russian SOVTEK tubes and Slovak JJ tubes. Of course, you can experiment with any EL84 or 6BQ5 tube.

EL84, JJ, Matched Pair: $19.45

EL84, JJ, Matched Quad $38.90

EL84, SOVTEK, Matched Pair: $17.45

EL84, SOVTEK, Matched Quad: $33.90



We use exclusively  ECC83S from JJ, but any 12AX7 or ECC83 will work.

ECC83S, JJ: $9.75





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