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Technology mix spanning more than one century!

The USB Sound Box offers ultimate convergence: Connect your latest hi-tech gear to an amplifier based on a 100+ years old technology. 

Connect the USB Sound Box to your PC and enjoy MP3 tunes on an outboard amplifier.

  • Plug and play installation

  • Built-in stereo output with headphone amplifier

  • Play music or movies on your PC and send Dolby Digital or DTS surround Sound data (pass-thru DD/DTS) to your decoder/receiver/amplifier

  • Dolby Digital out (S/PDIF pass-through)

  • DTS digital out (S/PDIF pass-thhrough)

  • USB powered

  • Lightweight, portable

  • Digital optical cable, USB cable and software DVD player included

NOTE: During our testing of the USB Sound Box we uncovered that with some USB connections there is a low intensity, low frequency rumble at the analog output. We are not sure if it is due to differences in operating systems or PC hardware configurations. Distortion level is very low and not a problem for casual listening. For critical tests the simplest way of making the effect inaudible is to minimize use of a mouse and to set the PC volume to a high level, then adjust listening volume on the amplifier. This is considered a good practice for all interfacing between any two audio devices - signal should travel via interconnects at the highest practical level to expand signal-to-noise ratio.

PRICE: $22.95






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